Department of Software Engineering

Department of Software Engineering

About the  Program:

Software engineering specialization is one of the latest IT disciplines. The need for this specialization has recently grown due to recent developments in the software industry and the pursuit of quality and reuse of software. The software engineering department deals with the topics of analysis and design of large and wide systems that involve scientific methodologies borrowed from engineering disciplines to obtain highly efficient products, Concepts and skills related to the design and construction of large and complex software systems and subjecting the engineering of this software to a number of determinants, mainly cost, time. This section was created in response to the need of the software industry to qualify software engineers with Experience and high efficiency and the possibility to work in the development of large and medium-sized software projects and the increased need for software engineers qualified rapidly with the spread of the adoption of Internet networks in the banking business management, commercial and industrial enterprises, transport and communications, education, hospitals, health field ... etc.

the letter:

To prepare qualified cadres in the field of software engineering and industry or to pursue graduate studies in software engineering. Contribute to the economic and technological development of society.


The department seeks to be one of the leading and leading departments in software engineering locally, Arab and internationally able to contribute to the software industry with local Arab cadres.

Section Objectives:

The department aims to meet the requirements of the labor market in software engineering. The department prepares qualified personnel capable of working in software engineering with special emphasis on large and critical systems. The department also aims to develop the analytical and practical skills students need to develop robust and efficient computer systems in the fields of industry, medicine, governments and business application. The software engineering specialization is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge for a career in the fields of software engineering and large software programming management. The department is keen to create an educational environment that encourages innovation and the application of ideas that stimulate the new and distinctive in the world of software. The department also develops the skills of the students and trains them to work collectively and individually with a high degree of quality.

work fields:

System Engineer, System Analyst, System Designer, Software Developer, Software Maintenance Engineer, Research Assistant, Computer Tutor, Computer Trainer.

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