Department of Computer Information Systems

Department of Computer Information Systems

The specialization of computer information systems is one of the first and most important faculties of computer and information technology. The importance of this specialization has increased recently due to recent developments in the field of systems and their diversity and the multiplicity of methods and methods of analysis, design and development. The program covers the basic elements of the production and development of systems within the latest standards and quality, including the life cycle of the systems of study, analysis, design, programming, testing, evaluation, maintenance and development, in addition to the use of software and tools for it.

the letter

Preparation of qualified cadres to work in the field of computer information systems or to enter postgraduate studies in the field of information systems and contribute to the economic and technological development in society.


The department seeks to be a pioneer in the field of computer information systems locally, internationally and internationally, and is capable of providing high quality scientific research and graduation of distinguished students with high efficiency who are able to contribute effectively to society.

Section objectives

Provide students with knowledge and understanding of basic science principles related to the specialization of computer information systems. Knowledge and understanding of computer architecture, networks, communications, artificial intelligence and databases.
 Provide students with knowledge and understanding of the means available to the developer of information systems, such as design methodologies, selection of algorithms, programming languages, tools, multimedia systems and user interface technology.
Helping students find solutions to issues related to the analysis, design and construction of information systems. As well as the skills of designing, writing and correcting software in modern programming languages and the use of appropriate computer aids for applications.
  Creating an educational environment that encourages creativity and excellence. The department also develops the skills of the students and trains them to work collectively and individually with a high degree of quality.

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