Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology

About the Department:

IT specialization is one of the most specialized courses of the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology Anshara. This specialization has become increasingly important because of recent developments in systems, communications and networks. The program covers the basic elements of the development and management of systems on the Internet, electronic content, electronic works and all their applications.

the letter:

To prepare cadres qualified to work in the field of technology or to enter postgraduate studies in the field of information technology and contribute to the economic and technological development in society.


The department seeks to be a pioneer in the field of IT, locally, internationally and internationally, and is able to provide high quality scientific research and graduate students with high efficiency.


Section Objectives:

To contribute to providing the local and regional labor market with specialized cadres to meet the needs of work in this vital area.
Dissemination of specialized research with a focus on applied aspects in the fields of information technology.
Providing students with the knowledge and skills that enable them to become specialists in various fields of information technology.
Community service through the conduct of studies and scientific research and applied in the fields of information technology, which have a direct impact on development in society.

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