Information networks and security department

Information networks and security department

About the Department:

Networking and information security is one of the most advanced and evolving IT disciplines. The importance of this specialization has increased recently due to recent developments in the field of Internet and its various applications and the field of telecommunications and increased interest in the field of security and confidentiality of information.


The department seeks to be a pioneer in the specialization of computer networks locally, internationally and internationally and able to provide high quality scientific research and graduate students with distinguished and high efficiency.

the letter:

Preparing qualified cadres in the field of computer networks or to enroll in postgraduate studies in the field of computer networks. Contribute to the economic and technological development of society.

 Section Objectives:

Providing knowledge in the field of computer networks and information security.
Provide students with the skill of designing and managing the computer network system and maintaining its security and privacy of information.
 Meet the requirements of the labor market in the field of Internet and network programming.
 Create a sense of responsibility and careful accuracy resulting from the accuracy of work in the field of information security.
 Developing the skills of the students and training them in the teamwork and individual with a high degree of quality.

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