Program of Communications and Electronics Engineering

Program of Communications and Electronics Engineering

The aim of the study in the Department of Electronics, Communications and Computer Engineering is to prepare a graduate specialized in the field of electronics and communications engineering, in order to provide the society with engineering engineers in engineering specialties with a high academic level and analytical and innovative intellectual ability while adhering to standards of conduct and ethics of the engineering profession.

In addition, studies and researches in the field of electronics engineering and communication sciences with applications for development, work on environmental development and community service, develop effective mechanisms and solve problems, and contribute positively to future development.

Communication plays an important role in our daily lives and the world is witnessing unprecedented developments in the technology of communications and electronics. Such developments have made the world a small electronic village. This development puts a burden on universities and other educational institutions to cope with these rapid changes in the means of communication and technology.

Section Message

  Providing specialists in the field of communications and electronics engineering, supported by scientific and applied methods to enable them to meet the challenges and developments in engineering technologies.
  Theoretical support and applied research in the fields of electronic engineering, communications and computers, which contribute to the process of economic development in society.
 Holding conferences and workshops in addition to national and international seminars in the fields of electronic engineering, communications and computers.
  To conclude agreements with joint institutes and organizations at the local and international levels to exchange experiences and support joint research in the fields of electronic engineering, communications and computers
Section objectives

To prepare the student for professional learning for life and also to give the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in universities and other advanced programs.
    Providing specialized and relevant laboratories for our students.
    Provide the engineering environment for the development of curricula in the college that teaches our curricula
  Providing theoretical, practical and research studies in addition to human studies to prepare the students so that they can face the challenges of engineering work and document the relationship between them and their communities and also urge them to contribute and produce in society.
  Make students proficient in analytical methods, including mathematical skills and computer skills for engineers to use when solving practical problems.
  Develop skills related to design processes, which include raising students' ability to identify engineering problems, think creatively, communicate effectively, structure information, and work collectively.
    Teaching students the use of experiments and information analysis techniques in engineering applications.
    Instilling the concept of professionalism and moral responsibilities in our students.
    Preparing a specialized engineer in the field of communications and electronics engineering.
Alumni specifications

System Engineer, System Analyst, System Designer, Software Developer, Software Maintenance Engineer, Research Assistant, Instructor

Computer, computer trainer. Database Manager.

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