Program of Architecture

Program of Architecture

The Department of Architectural Engineering is one of the engineering fields that are concerned with man and his environment and the changes and developments that constantly occur to create an environment
Satisfy the individual's requirements and enrich his potential for a better life. The department's vision is to create a generation of architects who are distinguished by their community and environment
And to assume the scientific and creative thinking in developing solutions to the problems they face.
The Department of Architecture seeks to provide a distinctive level of architectural education that reaches the international level and is capable of excellence, competition and creativity through the creation of buildings and facilities of high efficiency and performance, which is directed to both old and modern buildings, Research and social service
 This self-level of education in the Architecture Department depends on a set of foundations
1. Providing students with solid scientific foundations and high professional ethics, which will enhance their ability to create unique solutions to the engineering concerns they will face on the ground.
2- A complete, in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the foundations, engineering principles and construction systems
3 - Awareness and awareness of what is happening in the contemporary world and sensitive in dealing with the environment and global cultures
4- Diversity and diversity in the provision of professional services and a comprehensive understanding of the world of contracting
5 - efficiency and effectiveness in the concept of social work in communication skills and leadership roles
  the letter
The mission of the Department of Architecture is to make every effort to prepare students to achieve success in their profession by providing them with the necessary training, preparing them fully and qualifying them for the implementation of applied research in the field of building design and facilities
Section objectives
1 - Provide the best possible commitment to students who can succeed in their future career in the design and construction of high-quality buildings and performance
2 - To encourage and provide effective programs for graduates through the development of resources and programs that attract a distinguished and diverse group of outstanding graduates
3. Enhance academic excellence and excellence by providing effective and effective support to the faculty, administration, staff and students. This will ensure the improvement of human and material resources in the department, thus achieving great success in the achievements of the department in the fields of education and scientific research.
      4. Develop and implement an administrative structure that promotes and promotes participation and mutations among all individuals, including the head of department, faculty members, administration and staff.

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