Program of Computer Engineering

Program of Computer Engineering

Computer engineering or technical information engineering is one of the branches of electrical engineering, a specialty that combines electronic engineering and computer science.

Computer engineers are mainly electronics engineers, and have additional information, training and experience in software design and hardware hardware, especially in software integration with hardware. Computer engineers are involved in all areas of computing from microprocessor design, personal computers, supercomputer, circuit design, computer systems integration with other types of systems (such as motor vehicles and digital systems).

ICL engineers also contribute to code writing embedded software for real-time microcontroller microcontrollers, VLSI design, analogue sensors, operating system design, circuit boards, and robots.


The department seeks to be a pioneer in the field of computer information systems locally, internationally and internationally, and is capable of providing high quality scientific research and graduation of distinguished students with high efficiency who are able to contribute effectively to society.

the letter:

Preparation of qualified cadres to work in the field of computer information systems or to enter postgraduate studies in the field of information systems and contribute to the economic and technological development in society.

The Department of Computer Engineering aims to meet the increasing need for specialists in computer engineering and information technology. The Department of Computer Engineering also aims specifically at the graduation of the engineer capable of conducting basic and applied research in computer engineering sciences in a way that enables the development of scientific research and finding scientific and practical solutions to the problems State agencies, factories and various institutions and bodies in this field. One of the most important tasks of the graduate of the Department of computers:

Alumni specifications

Design and implementation of computational components for computers and data transmission devices.
Design and implementation of basic drivers and advanced information systems
Analysis of the requirements and specification of the computers and the equipment of the networks connected to the basic programs for the operation and necessary technical equipment.
Performing technical work to improve the efficiency of the use and development of computers, basic operating systems and advanced information systems.
Technical participation in the field of specialization to choose the best offers and supervision of the installation, installation and operation.
Diagnosis of faults in the physical components, basic programs and advanced information systems and supervision of maintenance and repair steps.
Design and implement specialized programs in high technical and technical fields.

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