Program of Decoration Engineering

Program of Decoration Engineering

The architecture of decoration is defined as the science that is concerned with transforming the static space into a space full of life and excellence. It focuses on creating a design suited to the existing space in a professional manner and creative craftsmanship. It varies from person to person and from society to society; it is based on different cultures, Traditions inherited, and acquired through time. The design of the installations is of a different nature, in an innovative artistic manner, and serves the purpose for which it was created, such as the design of buildings, hospitals, roofs, palaces, conference rooms, offices, entrances, etc.


 Specification of graduate

Art is appreciated, and has the ability to innovate in design, painting.
 He has vivid imagination and intuitive intelligence, so that he can deal with any space, craft space, and creativity.
 Tends towards fieldwork, love of innovation, and career development.
 He has a drawing talent, the ability to transform old things into a masterpiece.
 Be patient, and absorb people's views, tastes, and tendencies. Convince the customer, or customer ideas if found that the thing requested by the client does not serve the nature of the place, or space required design decorative.
Ready to work in the field, to go into the field to see the phases of work closely, and to correct possible errors during the implementation of the design.

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