Faculty of Administrative and Human Sciences at the University of Sheba celebrates its new students for the academic year 2018-2019.


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On the occasion of the start of the new academic year, the Faculty of Administrative and Human Sciences at Sheba University organized a reception for the new students on Saturday, 03-11-2018, in the presence and patronage of Dr. Amr Ahmed Al Najjar, President of the University.

At the ceremony, which began with the national anthem and verses from the Holy Quran, the President of the University gave a speech in which he welcomed the students, thanking them for their trust in the University of Saba as a station for their university education. He stressed his confidence in the students' responsibility for their achievement and excellence. Home and mother.

He added that the university president is waiting for the new students in particular to have a lot of efforts and excellence and that there are no limits to our aspirations towards them. They have the ambition and desire to excel and the university has the tools that will help them to do so. Their understanding and preparation for this, including scientific ammunition, references, research and letters, whether written or electronic, will certainly contribute to their refinement and increase their excellence.

The Dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Human Sciences, Dr. Abdulkhaliq Tawaaf, reviewed the interest of the university and college in its new and old students in order to graduate a distinguished student from the scientific, cultural and social aspects.

Dr. Tawaf stressed that the student is an integral part of the university and the college and carries its mission to the community at home and abroad. It must adhere to this picture inside and outside the university to emphasize the principles and principles that have always been established by the students of Saba University in general and students of the Faculty of Administrative and Human Sciences Specially .

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Khalid Zuhair, Head of the Department of Human Sciences, and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Bayadi, Assistant Professor of Accounting at the University.

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