Discussing the graduation projects of the Faculty of Engineering - Department of Architecture for the year 2017-2018


Discussing the graduation projects of the Faculty of Engineering - Department of Architecture for the year 2017-2018

Sana'a - the Great Hall
Thursday, 15-11-2018

In a festive scientific atmosphere, held this morning in the rehab of the Great Hall with # University of Essa, discuss the projects of graduate students from the Department of Architecture for the academic year 2017-2018.

During the discussion of the engineering projects supervised by a selection of doctors of the department, the students reviewed their projects and works of architectural and engineering ideas and creative, the most prominent of which:
"Sustainable Corniche and Water Museum in Yemen's Mayon Island".
Preparation of the student: "Noureddine Hicham Morshedi".
"Center for Environmental Protection and Energy Acquisition of Waste - Zarqa Sana'a".
Preparation of the student: "Abdul Razzaq Hussein Sharah".
"Damet Health Spa Resort".
Prepared by the student: "Randa al-Saqqaf".
"Bab Al-Mandab International Trading Center".
Prepared by the student: "Mohammed Nasser Al-Zafari".

Where the discussions were discussed in the interventions and commentary, and were enriched by discussion and observations and details of the preparation of the projects, and the projects included innovative and innovative ideas of a sustainable urban character that can serve as a model for future urban treatment that serves the community.

The projects have been praised and praised by the Committee for discussing the graduation projects of the Department of Architecture, which was formed by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sheba from:
Dr. Ahmed Ghalib Al-Sharjabi
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Yafaa
Dr. Fadl Mohammed Al-Warki
Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Ghazali
- Eng. Yahya Mohamed Noman - Deputy General Authority for Land, Survey and Urban Planning for the Urban Planning Sector.
- Professor Eng. / Qahtan Mohammed Al-Huda - Member of the Administrative Board of Yemen Architects Association,

The meeting was also attended by Prof. Dr. Amr Ahmed El Naggar, University President, Dr. Mohamed Deifallah Al Shamari, Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mohamed Qais, Vice President, Dr. Fouad Hassan Abdel Razzaq, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, - President of the Quality Center and Mr. / Walid Al-Hababi - Students Affairs, and a number of academics, students, interested and parents and parents of students.

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