Public discussion of the message of the researcher / Salwa Ali Mohamed Mohammed Al - Sanbani


The public discussion of the message of the researcher / Salwa Ali Mohammed Al-Sanabani, titled "Internal Audit in the Activation of Risk Management in the Yemeni Insurance Companies", was held on Tuesday 26/2/2019.
Where the public debate began from 9:30 am, and after the Dean of Graduate Studies, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shater Muthanna welcomed the discussion and governance committee consisting of:
1. Prof. Abdul Hamid Hamed Al-Sayegh
2. Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Bamsmous
3. Dr. Mohammed Fouad Aldbai
The researcher presented the lecture, which included the title of the thesis, its purpose and the methodology, and then presented the results and recommendations to the conclusions reached. This was followed by the interventions of the members of the discussion committee, which influenced the message in form and subject.
The general impression of the presence of doctors and students was positive for the University of Saba represented by the Deanship of Graduate Studies, both in terms of holding discussions or prepare and arrange for public debate.

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