Injaz & Saba: The program "Skills from Google" and "The Way to the Labor Market" concludes for fourth level students


In the framework of the partnership between the University of Saba and the institution of the achievement of Yemen, the University of Sheba concluded two training programs for students of the University of Sheba, Steer your career ", and the program of skills of Google, which targeted students of the fourth level" expected Graduated this year. "

At the end of the course, INJAZ and Saba University honored the trainees with certified certificates from INJAZ AL ARAB and GOGEL International.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Ibrahim Giaash, General Registrar, Mr. Walid Al-Habbabi, Students Affairs and Public Relations, Mr. Naguib Al-Najjar, Registrar of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer, Mr. Mohammed Khasarov, and Mr. Basil Al-Awadi.

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