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Master's Theses Discussions - Sheba University The researcher, "Yahya Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Kawkabani," obtains a master's degree in business administration


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The researcher, "Yahya Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Kawkabani", obtained a Master's degree in Business Administration, for his thesis entitled "The Impact of the Quality of Work Life on Job Engagement" A Field Study on the Public Telecommunications Corporation -P.T.C "where the public discussion was held today, Thursday, 6/4/2023 in - The Deanship of Graduate Studies building at the University of Sheba
The judging and discussion committee consisted of the following professors:
Prof. Dr. Abdul-Khaleq Hadi Tawaf - Associate Professor of Business Administration - (Chairman and internal discussant),
Prof. Dr. Zayed Naji Shawish - Associate Professor of Business Administration - (Member and Supervisor),
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ashwal - Associate Professor of Business Administration - (Member and external discussant).
The answers of the researcher "Al-Kawkabani" were characterized by accuracy and objectivity, and he was able to answer all the committee's inquiries, proving his scientific capabilities and surrounding him with a subject of study that is concerned with the issue of the impact of the quality of work life on job involvement "A field study on the Public Telecommunications Corporation P.T.C.
The discussion was attended by a number of faculty members, a large number of postgraduate students at the university and some Yemeni universities, those interested, and a group of family and friends.
These events and scientific activities receive more attention in the university as they are the practical expression of the exercise of its role in community service and sponsorship of scientific research according to the university’s vision 2030.
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