Dr. Fouad Hassan Mohammed Abdul Razak


            أحمد غالب فار نعمان الشرجبي


Scientific Certificates                   

1997                PhD    in Reconstruction and Housing Planning

Department of Town Planning; Faculty of Architecture; University of

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Topic of Thesis: Reconstruction of Housing Projects after Natural



Since September 1997 to June 1998, participated in a large Housing Project Studies for Sheffield University (Staff Housing Project).


1990                Post-graduate Diploma,   USU (Urban Survey and Human Settlements Analysis)

ITC (International Institute of Aero Space and Earth Science), Inschide,

The Netherlands

Topic of Thesis: Study of Vacant Land for Housing in Urban Areas,

Hatia, Thailand

1986    Bsc       in Architecture and Planning

King Faisal University, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Academic Positions

Dean (03 – 2016 till now)

Faculty of Engineering, Saba University, Yemen.

20% lecturer of several courses. 60% academic and administration works. 20% research.


Academic Experience



2014 – 02/ 2016 Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture (teaching at Saba University),

1998 - 2016   Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture, (Sana'a University)

1990 -1993      Assistant Researcher in the working drawings, Reconstruction of Housing Projects and Housing Studies, and Urban Design Studies. (Sana’a University and Earthquake Observatory Center Dhamar)

1993 – 1997    PhD studies in Sheffield University

1989 -                          Assistant Researcher in the fields of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, and Housing Studies. (Sana’a University)


Tough Experience

            Conducted Lecture Courses:

                 1998  Up to date teaching in Sana’a University, for the Department of Architecture Engineering for various subject Mainly:

  • Design graduation projects for almost 12 Years
  • Working Drawings (1) (2) and (3)
  • Urban Design Studios.
  • Other Design’s Studious
  • Conservation and Preservation studies
  • Housing


General Experience


06/ 2012 up-to-2014 UNICEF (United Nation) - Engineering consultants for all the anti-blast construction, a Project Manager of blast mitigation measures and security enhancement of their buildings and supervision the implementation of the projects.


2010- 05/2012 UNFPA (United Nation) - Engineering consultants for all the anti-blast construction, a Project Manager of blast mitigation measures implementation roadmap.


2009-2011 UNDP (United Nation)- Engineering consultants for all the anti-blast construction, as an expert on mission for the purpose of the united nation.


2006-2009 Executive director of the Techno-Dar for Engineering and Contracting (private firm / managing design, planning, and administration all consultancy and construction activates.


2006-2009 Engineering consultant (executive) for Al-Hodiddah University, for feasibility study,  planning and design studies for several faculties.


2004-2005 Teaching in UAE Ajman University.


2002- 2004. The Executive Manager for the Engineering Consultancy Center at Sana’a University.


1999 -2002      Team leader for the Yemeni Engineering Co-operation (Private Firm) for the Urban Renovations at the Sailah (part of the old Sana,a City).



Professional Activities

  • Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Saba University, Yemen: From March, 2016 till now.
  • 2014 Up to date Head of the Quality Assurance Unit for Higher studies for The Engineering Faculty at Sana’a University
    • 2001- 2004 Director of Engineering Consultancy Center, Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a University.
    • Member of Yemeni Society of Engineers.
    • Member of Sana'a University Teaching Association.
    • Coordinating and Supervising Bsc Design Projects for the Final Year Study.
    • Associating in organizing Workshops and Seminars
    • Principal in organizing the Department's Control Office
    • Associate Member in the new general students Affairs Committee of the Faculty of Engineering.
    • Member of the Academic Consultancy Staff of the faculty.
    • Architectural Consultant for Taiz University to check and approve the design layout of the new compose and the Design of new faculties and the teaching hospital.
    • Head of Architecture Department for Arwa University (for part time)
    • Dean of the Engineering Faculty for Arwa University

List of Publications


  • Al-Sharjabi (2016) Defects in Individual Housing: Between Criteria and Actual Practices,
  • Al-Sharjabi, et al (2016) Engineering Faculty's experiences in the implementation Quality Assurance: The Administrative criterion is a case study

A. Al-Sharjabi (2016) Actual implementation of quality assurance role throughout the academic accreditation measures 


Dean`s Word

And the University of Saba is preparing to celebrate the silver Jubilee for its establishment, it reaffirms its right to the forefront of the university education in the fields of engineering and information technology, through the keenness of its leadership to keep pace with the requirements of the development of programs related disciplines. Within the framework of this approach, the University initiated the beginning of 2018 to support and sponsor the completion and preparation of the national academic reference standards for computer programs. And also the development and modernization of the basic infrastructure and technical equipment necessary to complete the educational process in an optimal manner. In order to meet the ambitions and objectives of the university seeking to be the first university of information technology nationally, the programs of engineering, computer and information technology are given special care and attention is growing by increasing the development and progress in the world of technology and information, and the will to challenge the circumstances and the high intensity reflected the University's interest in the future of its sons and daughters students.
God Almighty, and God save the homeland, and together we make modern Yemen.

Dr. Fouad Hassan Mohammed Abdul Razak

PhD Computer Science - Communication Technology and Networks - University of Putra Malaysia - 2012

Saba Universtiy
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